Shoot 'em up ! 2016

Realization of a « shoot'em up » game with the framework Phaser by implementing the concept of game trees.

Two weeks

JS and JQuery


Adicode 2015

Creation of a web platform for the Adicode facilities to help manage projects taking place there and the communication between the teams, but also the management of the equipment depending.

About six months

HTML, CSS, Symfony2, PHP and JS

Dependancies Graph 2013

Creation of a plugin for a Simple Language compilation software called AlgoView to allow visualisation of the function calls.

About six months

HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery


Hackenbush Game 2012

Implementation of the mathematics game Hackenbush, with a graph structure and an artificial intelligence.

About six months

HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery


MyLoc 2011

Realization of a seasonal rental site properties, with the management of a database and several types of user accounts : client, owner, intermediate and administrator.

About six months



Java Projects 2014

Implementation of a minesweeper game, with an graphical interface and reproduction of a drawing software, Paint-like.

About a month each.

Java, JUnit, Javadoc and JNA

JAR File - Minesweeper

Formula D 2014

Implementation of the board game Formula D in Java, with management of the different game boards, consideration of annexes rules and artificial intelligence to play alone or with others.

A month and a half

Java, Maven and Javadoc


Mini-jeux 2016

Implementing a Connect 4 and a Tic Tac Toe in Python, with a graphical interface and an artificial intelligence based on a parallelized version of MCTS.

Two weeks